Skin Cancer Removals by Melbourne Plastic Surgeon Dr Richard Maxwell FRACS (Plas)

Dr Maxwell has significant experience with skin cancer surgery, and removal of moles. This may require complex procedures requiring flap repair, skin grafts and even microsurgery.

If you have a facial skin cancer or other skin cancer, such as a melanoma or basal cell lesion that needs removal, you may want it removed by a Specialist Surgeon in Melbourne. If so, give Dr Maxwell’s office a call to schedule a consultation appointment and/or consultation with removal.  He can help to minimise potential scarring or heal the incision after removal of your skin cancer.  There are also collagen induction therapy treatments (CIT) available  to help reduce or revise some scars in visible areas of the face or body.

It’s a good idea to have a GP referral in order to claim any rebates from your health fund or medicare (and note that new Medicare Item criteria is now in place in relation to skin cancer removals).

Skin Cancer Surgery

Skin Cancer Procedures

Dr Maxwell performs Lymphadenectomies (lymph clearances) for the groin and axilla.

In some circumstances, Melanoma surgery may also require sentinel node biopsy. Mr Maxwell performs this procedure.

Dr Maxwell often works in conjunction with other cancer specialists such as medical oncologists and radiotherapists and dermatologists.


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