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Necklift Surgery in Melbourne (Facial Rejuvenation Surgery)

A necklift is usually performed in conjunction with a facelift, although sometimes it is performed on its own. However, in some individuals, where the neck skin is looser and more wrinkled than the facial skin, a neck lift alone is a highly effective solution. The neck lift is performed to create neck contours that are smoother and more clearly defined, especially the chin-neck ‘turkey gobbler’ area.

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Neck Lift Surgical Technique

Incisions for the necklift procedure are placed behind the patient’s ears and below the chin to minimise visible scarring. Mr. Richard Maxwell works to achieve the best results possible by removing the excess skin and where necessary correcting unsightly muscle bands (platysma bands) in the neck. Liposuction is also performed to remove fat deposits from under the chin and provides additional aesthetic benefits.

Considering a Necklift Procedure or other rejuvenating Cosmetic Plastic Surgery?

As we age, the skin on our necks (and the tissues beneath the skin) tend to loosen and become inelastic. This effect is sometimes referred to as a ‘turkey neck.’ Men get it also, but sometimes find it easier to hide with high collars; women’s fashions often reveal the neckline more openly. An aged, double-chin style ageing neckline can become an unwanted sign of facial ageing on an otherwise younger looking person. The looseness and inelasticity of the skin and superficial muscle in the neck tends to become apparent in the form of bands or rings of loose neck skin over “droopy” inelastic tissue. The bands are formed as the neck’s skin and supporting structures succumb to gravity. Slack, loose-hanging neck skin that has lost its elasticity or tone can be addressed — and often eliminated entirely — through Neck Lift Surgery.

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Benefits of a Necklift Surgery by a FRACS qualified Specialist Plastic Surgeon

Neck lift patients have reported

  • Looking younger and more rejuvenated
  • Feeling more photogenic
  • A more defined attractive jaw line
  • Having a more defined side profile
  • Having a thinner neck and more distinctive chin
  • Dramatic reduction of “turkey neck”
  • Elimination of lax skin and wrinkles
  • Correction of double chin.
  • Created a more elegant appearing neck.

How Neck Lift surgery can reduce the appearance of ageing

The bands of tissue that form in the neck are usually caused by the thickening and drooping of the muscle. A neck lift works  by smoothing and lifting the muscle. This restores the neck and leads to a more toned appearance that reduces the signs of ageing.

Complimentary Facial Procedures for Necklift Surgery

There are a number of complementary procedures, surgical and non-surgical — that can be combined with browlift surgery. Again, it all depends on your appearance aims, your genetics, the degree of sun damage, and the overall condition of your skin.

These include the most commonly combined procedures with a Browlift:

We suggest discussing your specific concerns and goals with Mr Richard Maxwell, Specialist Plastic Surgeon. He can guide you in a variety of anti-ageing options to get the level of skin and facial rejuvenation you are after.

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