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Brow Lift Surgery in Melbourne

A brow lift is performed to restore sagging eyebrows to their youthful shape and position, as well as to remove horizontal wrinkles from the forehead and ‘frown lines’ from the area between the eyebrows (the ‘glabella’).

The classical brow lift gives the best results but entails a scar hidden in the hair passing across from above one ear to the other and unavoidably produces numbness of the central scalp behind the scar. Over recent years less invasive procedures such as the endoscopic brow lift and the lateral temporal lift, which elevates the drooping outer third of the eyebrows, have become very popular. The lateral temporal lift can be performed as a rooms procedure. Wrinkle-reducing injections and fillers are also used to achieve the optimum result.

NB: In women with a high forehead, and in the majority of men, the incision is made at the hairline to prevent the height of the forehead being further increased.

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Are you an ideal candidate for an Eye brow lift Surgery?

Perhaps your eyes and peri-orbital area looked less saggy and tired if your entire browline was higher.

Maybe you need more that just an Eyelid LIft or Blepharoplasty – sometimes you need a Brow Lift to really lift your brow and open up your eyes.

Our experienced Plastic Surgeon Dr Richard Maxwell can help you to:

  • refine your brow area
  • lift sagging eyelids, and under eye bags
  • treat hyper-pigmentation like age spots and sun damage
  • smooth and reduce wrinkles and lines on your forehead, your lips, cheeks, chin and eyes
  • reduce signs of ageing such as sun-damage and capillaries

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Eye Brow lifts are popular for all genders

As we age, we lose elasticity in the tissues of our face. One consequence of this loss of elasticity is a descent or drooping of the brow.

Sometimes a Blepharoplasty might be the best procedure for sagging eyelids or eyelid ptosis, but for ‘droopy brow’ cases, a browlift procedure may be the most appropriate strategy to rejuvenate the face.

If you’re always looking in the mirror, or holding up your eyebrows or eyelids to see what they would look like after an eyelid or browlift, then maybe this is for you.

Benefits of having a Surgical brow lift

A browlift improves the position of the eyelids, restores the relationship between the eye and brow and improves the overall appearance of the face.

A drooping brow causes the appearance of fullness of the upper eyelids and the area of the brow immediately above the eye. For many patients this fullness is one of the main visual signals of ageing.

In these cases, a browlift may often be the most appropriate procedure to help rejuvenate the face.

A browlift helps improve the position of the eyelids and helps to restore the relationship between the eye and brow.  A browlift can contribute to reducing the apparent age (or visible age) of the face — resulting in a pleasing, natural-looking rejuvenation effect when done by a highly-skilled Plastic Surgeon.

Brow lift surgery is increasingly popular.

More people are seeking browlift surgeries, partially as a result of new techniques and technology that allow the use of endoscopes (small diameter, low power microscopes attached to tiny video cameras) through very small incisions.  Advancing technologies help with surgical precision and with patient recovery, and your Surgeon will be happy to discuss all of your options with you to determine what will get you the best facial rejuvenation results for your specific appearance concerns.

Many patients who undergo facial surgery also choose complimentary skin rejuvenation procedures such as skin peels, laser treatments and other light technology methods such as Healite II, for a more complete rejuvenation effect. These technologies can help improve the overall appearance, skintone or smoothness of the skin itself, in terms of reducing sun spots, dry patches, ‘ageing spots’ and other areas of concern.

Other Facial Procedures with a Brow lift Surgery

There are a number of complementary procedures, surgical and non-surgical — that can be combined with browlift surgery. Again, it all depends on your appearance aims, your genetics, the degree of sun damage, and the overall condition of your skin.

These include the most commonly combined procedures with a Browlift:

We suggest discussing your specific concerns and goals with Mr Richard Maxwell, Specialist Plastic Surgeon. He can guide you in a variety of anti-ageing options to get the level of skin and facial rejuvenation you are after.

Brow lift Procedure Information – Melbourne

A series of 10-15mm long incisions are placed either along the hairline or in the hair covered skin of the scalp to gain access. An endoscope (mini video camera) is then used in conjunction with special instruments to separate the forehead soft tissue and skin from the underlying bone down to the level of the eyebrows.

The skin of the forehead and eyebrows is then lifted. After the lift the newly relocated skin and tissue is held in place with a series of stitches attached to the bone. These stitches eventually dissolve or are removed as part of your after-care. Your surgeon will be able to discuss different options with you.

After a browlift direct surgery on the upper eyelids is unnecessary. Sometimes the eyelids themselves are also loose issue, then, a Blephoraplasty may be called for alone or in combination with a Browlift.

Browlift surgery is often performed as a day procedure but an overnight arrangement in hospital is also an option.

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