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Facelift Surgery or a Facelift is one of the most requested Cosmetic Procedures for men and women who want to combat the signs of facial ageing.

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If you are considering a Face surgery (SMAS, Round Block or Mini Lift), skin refinement or a neck rejuvenation procedure, you likely want to choose one of the most experienced Specialist Plastic Surgeons in Melbourne to restore a firmer yet natural looking appearance to your lower face and jowl area.

Hawthorn East based Plastic Surgeon Mr. Maxwell, is proud to help patients achieve beautiful results. A skilled and experienced Plastic Surgeon in Face Surgery.

Delivering friendly and compassionate care, Mr. Richard Maxwell and his staff serve patients at three different locations across Melbourne, providing safe and effective treatments for cosmetic face surgery enhancement and rejuvenation including:

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When to consider face lift Surgery

Whilst we may enjoy the wisdom that age brings, few of us actually say we enjoy looking older.  Many patients choose to have Face surgery including either a Facelift or Necklift when they notice they are looking older – on the outside – than they feel on the inside.

Face Surgery is good options to restore a firmer appearance to the lower face and reduce the skin laxity and sagging-jowl appearance of the lower facial skin.

Ageing has a unique way of sneaking up on you when you’re not paying attention.  Suddenly, the ageing of our face seems to accelerate. It is often linked with other life changes, such as hormones and dryer skin that has lost it’s collagen strength and resiliency.  It can lead to sagging or hollowed cheek and  jowl areas, or visible wrinkles and lines around our lips, eyes, mouth, chin and forehead.

If you’re considering a Face surgery or a neck lift (with or without liposuction, cosmetic injections or fat transfer) ask yourself if you look like you are:

  • Tired or worried, even after being well-rested?
  • Jowls that make you look heavier?
  • Sagging, wrinkled skin appearance around your lower face?
  • A jawline that appears to blend into your neck?
  • Sagging or loose skin hanging down on the sides of your chin?
  • Deep lines around your mouth, chin and jawline that is lacking in volume?
  • A double chin, multiple chins, or turkey neck?
  • Excess, facial skin caused by illness, ageing or weight loss?
  • Previously botched face surgery?

face surgery facelift necklift

Does this aged-look caused you to:

  • Feel self-conscious about your face?
  • Feel as if you have aged prematurely?
  • Use older photos for your online Bios or dating profiles?
  • Like low lighting situations and avoid brightly lit rooms?
  • Wear too much makeup and concealer?
  • Over-use of dermal fillers and cosmetic injectables that now have limiting effects?
  • Starting to consider face surgery, and/or neck lift surgery?

Book a private consultation with Mr. Richard Maxwell at our Hawthorn East location today.

With over 20 years of experience, Mr. Maxwell has the surgical skill necessary to assist you in all aspects of facial cosmetic surgery. Our advanced procedures are designed to help our patients enjoy more youthful-looking skin and more harmonious facial features.

Whether you require nose reshaping surgery or other, read on to find out more about the procedures available at our practice.

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