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Breast Augmentation Surgery in Melbourne, VIC

Achieve total body confidence with a breast enhancement procedure at our Melbourne practice by Specialist Plastic Surgeon, Dr Richard Maxwell.

Breast enlargement cosmetic surgery remains one of the most popular requested plastic surgery procedures across the globe. Equipped with the latest surgical techniques,  Specialist Plastic Surgeon Mr Richard Maxwell uses the latest cohesive silicone gel or saline breast implants, to safely enhance and create full, shapely feminine contours.

Breast Enlargement with implants

A popular breast surgery procedure, breast enhancements using breast implants are performed for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Aesthetic desire for breasts that are larger, firmer and rounder
  • Concerns about asymmetry
  • The natural ageing process, pregnancy or breast-feeding causing the breasts to lose shape and elasticity

These problem areas can be very effectively rectified by undergoing a breast augmentation procedure. If you identify with one of the above concerns, please schedule a consultation at one of our Melbourne offices with Mr. Maxwell through the online form or simply  contact us  on (03) 8849 1462 today.

Although there are several methods of natural breast enhancement advertised on the Internet, TV, radio, and in magazines, these products are costly and are not clinically proven to work. Unfortunately, many women have bought into these claims and have purchased breast enhancement creams to increase the size of their breasts. However, breast augmentation surgery with implants is currently the only method of permanently enlarging the breasts to a specific size. Those that are serious about increasing the size of their chests may want to consider speaking to  Victoria plastic surgeon  Richard Maxwell about the benefits of breast augmentation cosmetic surgery.

Breast Augmentation Surgery

Women have been undergoing breast augmentation surgery for decades. In that time, implant products and surgical techniques have improved significantly, resulting in more natural looking and feeling results. Our Victoria breast augmentation  patients are encouraged to work with their surgeons to select an implant that will produce the volume and shape that the patient desires. The implant options women can choose from include:

  • Filler type (saline or silicone)
  • Projection (low, moderate, or high)
  • Shape (round or teardrop)
  • Surface (smooth or textured)
  • Size

Breast Enhancement Gimmicks

Breast augmentation gimmicks such as enhancement creams, herbs, pumps, cookies, and other products are not considered to be effective methods of permanent breast enlargement.

  • Pills and herbs:  The Therapeutic Goods Administration has yet to approve the majority of pills marketed as breast enhancing drugs, so they are often sold as herbal supplements. However, it is important to note that although these pills are often labeled “all-natural,” that does not mean there is no risk involved in taking them. Breast enhancement herbs are sold in many forms, including pills, herbal supplements, cookies, creams, and serums. They typically contain pueraria mirifica, Saw Palmetto, wild yam, blessed thistle, dong quai, fennel, and fenugreek. The problem is that these herbal ingredients have not undergone long-term studies to determine if repeated consumption or topical application is safe and effective.
  • Pumps:  Breast enhancing pumps involve the placement of two plastic cups on the breasts. The breast cups are attached to pumps that apply pressure and use a suctioning technique to enlarge the breasts for a short period of time. Women are instructed to use the pumps two times per day. However, if any breast enlarging effects are achieved, they are temporary. Further, prolonged use of the product will not increase the size of the breasts over time. In fact, instead the breast pump could cause the breast skin to stretch, resulting in stretch marks and premature sagging of the breasts.
  • Exercises:  Women that want larger breasts may try breast enhancement exercises to increase their bust size. While chest exercises can help keep the body toned and healthy, they will not lead to an increase in the amount of fatty tissue that is found in the breasts. If anything, aggressive use of chest exercises could decrease the amount of fat in the breasts.

If you are serious about increasing the size of your bust,  contact our practice  to schedule a consultation and obtain more information about breast augmentation surgery.

The Breast Enlargement Procedure (Breast Augmentation Surgery using Breast Implants)

All procedures are customized for the individual patient. In general however, the procedure for breast enlargement using implants is similar to the following:

  • A short incision (about 4cms) is typically required, but each patient is different and this can vary from patient to patient
  • This is typically performed in the under-breast crease area (the Inframammary Fold)
  • Mr Maxwell then creates a precise surgical pocket for your implant – this requires extensive skill and expertise to get the best results for your breast implant surgery
  • The implants are then carefully inserted into the breast pocket
  • A specially designed funnel may sometimes be used to insert the implant into your breast pocket
  • At the end of the surgery, the incision is closed with dissolving stitches placed deep into the skin surface.
    • This may mean that NO stitches will needed to be removed following your surgery, but this can vary
    • Mr Maxwell will prioritise a NO DRAIN procedure to give you a DRAIN FREE recovery period whenever this is feasible (and in a standard breast augmentation procedure by a Breast Specialist, it is unusual for drain tubes to be used)
  • The suture (incision) line is covered with a water proof dressing and a soft crop top bra is fitted
  • You’ll be given precise instructions for your healing period including what garments to wear
  • You’ll typically have access to the Patient Care Team and/or to your Plastic Surgeon Mr Maxwell following your Surgical Procedure should you have any urgent questions or needs

Before and After Photos: Breast Implant Surgery by Plastic Surgeon Mr Richard Maxwell

After breast implants at Melbourne practice


Initial consultation

At the first session, you will have the opportunity to discuss:

  • the various types of breast implants available - round or tear-drop  (also called  'anatomical' or ‘form-stable'), silicone or saline, textured or smooth surfaced
  • the location of the implant pockets - in front of the pectoral muscle (‘sub-glandular'),  or behind the pectoral muscle (‘sub-muscular' or ‘retro-pectoral')

As for insertion of breast implants, Mr Maxwell only uses the incision under the breasts, also known as ‘infra-mammary'. If you decide to proceed with the surgery, a second consultation is arranged at which you will have the opportunity to finalise the size and shape of the implants and the location of the pocket.

Mr. Maxwell will also further assist you with exploration of the risks and benefits associated with your breast surgical procedure.

Surgical technique for breast enhancement

A day-stay at the hospital and conducted under general anaesthesia, selected implants are inserted into sub-glandular or sub-pectoral pockets  via a 5 - 6 cm incision under the breast.

At the end of the procedure, the incisions are closed with a dissolving suture running under the skin and a waterproof dressing is applied.  An elasticised band  may be placed across the top of the breasts to prevent the implants from  riding up,  and support bra is fitted.

Antibiotics and painkillers are prescribed.

Suction drains are usually not required.

Breast augmentation aftercare

The patient is reviewed 7 - 10 days following the procedure.

  • The support bra is worn day and night for 10 days, then by day for the next 4 weeks.
  • Walking is encouraged in the early post-operative period, as is arm movement within the limits of comfort - Jogging and working out may be resumed after 6 weeks.
  • Patients may generally return to work after 10 days, unless their job involves heavy lifting.

There is a final review at 4 months following the surgery.

To further discuss your options for breast enhancement or implants in Melbourne, we invite you to  schedule a breast augmentation consultation  with Mr. Maxwell by contacting his main rooms in Malvern. Mr. Maxwell also specialises in breast reduction surgery and gynaecomastia/male breast reduction.

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