Breast Reconstruction Surgery (mastectomy)

Our Breast Reconstruction Specialist Surgeon operates at accredited major hospitals in Melbourne using only experienced anaesthetists and a top team of surgical support staff.

About Natural Tissue Breast Reconstruction

Your own tissue is used in this operation to reconstruct a new breast. Tissue is taken from the back or ‘Tummy Tuck‘ region and no synthetic prostheses or expanders are necessary. Natural tissue breast reconstruction surgery can either be performed at the time of mastectomy or as a delayed reconstruction when body healing is normal usually after cancer treatment. (i.e. after chemotherapy or radiotherapy has finished).

There are many benefits to using your own Natural Tissue for Breast Reconstruction?

Your ‘new’ breasts are soft, with a natural curve, be of normal weight and body temperature. This new body image has major psychological benefits compared to mastectomy. Confidence and self-esteem improve in all aspects of life, including things like sport and sex lift to wearing normal clothes.

Breast Reconstruction is a surgery that may be requested after breast trauma such as have a Mastectomy after Breast Cancer. If you have any further questions on this, call us on (03) 8849 1400.

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