Popular Mommy Makeover Procedures

When it comes to looking your best, there is a lot you can do on your own. Eating right, exercising, staying hydrated, and making good lifestyle choices are a sure way to ensure your looks stay great for a long time, but sometimes you need a little help. This is especially true after losing a lot of weight or having a child. In such cases,  Melbourne plastic surgeon  Mr. Richard Maxwell can help.

What is a mommy makeover?

A woman’s body goes through many changes after having a child. The weight gain and weight loss can lead to body contouring issues and stretch marks. While diet and exercise will help you get back into shape, sagging skin and stretch marks will not be affected by either. For these, you need a mommy makeover. This refers to various surgeries used to restore a woman’s glow and beauty after having a child.

Body Contouring Surgery

One of the most common and most popular surgeries for mommy makeovers is  tummy tuck (abdominoplasty). This surgery is essential for reducing the excess skin of the lower abdomen that stretches and sags after carrying a baby to term. Since other parts of the body can be affected by this as well, you there are additional  bodylifting and body contouring  options which will target the torso as well as the extremities.

Breast Enhancement Surgery

The breasts will alter in size and shape during pregnancy and after pregnancy, so many women often undergo breast enhancement surgery. These surgeries will improve the firmness and pertness of the breasts if they are sagging or drooping. Both  breast lift surgery  and  Melbourne breast augmentation  are common for women undergoing mommy makeovers.

Facial Rejuvenation and Non-Surgical Enhancement

The torso and the extremities aren’t the only parts of the body affected by pregnancy. The face can also go through some changes after childbirth. If you want to restore the overall glow and youth of your appearance,  facelift  and other facial lifting options can reduce loose skin and wrinkles. A little lift in the neckline can make your face look thinner, for instance, and some eyelid surgery can shed years from your age. In many cases, you may not need an invasive surgery and can instead rely on  collagen, dermal fillers, and muscle relaxers  for great results with no lengthy recuperation.

Customized Treatment for Each Patient

Each woman has different needs, and each mommy makeover is performed to address those needs. When you are here in our office for a consultation, we’ll be sure to go over all of your options with you in great detail so that you can make the best possible decision about your appearance and how it can be restored and enhanced.

Contact Our Plastic Surgery Center for More Information

For more information about mommy makeovers and other treatments for body sculpting and contouring, be sure to  contact our Melbourne plastic surgery center  today. Mr. Maxwell and his entire team are eager to meet with you in person and discuss all of your aesthetic goals in greater detail.

Last updated: May 22, 2019
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