Facelift Surgery Techniques

When it comes to performing a facelift, there are plenty of ways that a surgeon can go about it. It really depends on the needs of  the patient and the best way to meet these needs. When you visit with  Melbourne, Victoria plastic surgeon  Mr. Richard Maxwell, he will assess your situation in great detail to determine the best way to go about performing your facelift. No two patients are alike, and so no two facelifts can really be performed in the exact same way.

The thing about the facelift surgery is that it can be adapted to a patient’s needs. If you have deep forehead furrows, jowls, a problematic neckline, or wrinkles and sagging in the cheek area, the surgical technique can be adapted to your needs. We’d like to briefly cover some of the various facial lift surgeries that can be performed. These options can all be covered in more detail during a consultation with Mr. Maxwell.

The first  Melbourne, Victoria facelift  technique we should cover is the traditional facelift. This surgery targets the middle portion of the face. The surgery will involve incisions, one of which is hidden in the hairline near the temples. These incisions will allow Mr. Maxwell to adjust underlying facial structures and tighten your facial skin and features.

The next facelift technique we’d like to examine is the upper facelift, which is also known as a brow lift. The brow lift targets the forehead and helps remove furrows in the brow and deep lines. During this surgery, an incision is made along the scalp area to adjust and enhance the appearance of the forehead. Over the years, less invasive forms of brow lift surgery have emerged that involve smaller incisions.

Finally, there is the lower facelift, which can target the neckline area. This is particularly good to consider if you have excess skin the in neck or drooping jowls. Incisions for this facelift technique tend to be made behind a patient’s ears and under a patient’s chin. As with the other facelift options, these incisions allow Mr. Maxwell to adjust the overall contours of your face.

For more information about facial plastic surgery, be sure to contact Melbourne, Victoria plastic surgeon Mr. Richard Maxwell  for a personal consultation.

Last updated: July 19, 2019
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Dr Richard Maxwell MBBS FRACS(Plas)
Mr. Richard Maxwell graduated in medicine from Monash University in Melbourne in 1981. He trained in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the Alfred Hospital, the Royal Melbourne Hospital and the Victorian Plastic Surgery Unit in Melbourne. He completed his training in 1989, gaining the Fellowship of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

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